“Evolution: This View of Life” http://www.thisviewoflife.com/

“PopAnth” http://popanth.com/

“Science Blogs” http://scienceblogs.com/

“LSE: The Impact Blog” http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/impactofsocialsciences/

“Human Behavior and Evolution Society” http://www.hbes.com/

“International Cognition and Culture Institute” http://www.cognitionandculture.net/

“Anthropology Report” http://anthropologyreport.com/

“The Human Economy Blog” http://thehumaneconomy.blogspot.pt/

“Experimental Philosophy” http://philosophycommons.typepad.com/xphi/

“The Biocultural Evolution Blog” https://blogs.emory.edu/bioculturalevolution/

“Busting Myths About Human Nature” http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/busting-myths-about-human-nature

“Culture Evolves!” http://evolutionaryanthropology.wordpress.com/

“E.O. Smith, Evolutionary Anthropology” http://eosmith.com/

“Anthropomics” http://anthropomics2.blogspot.com/

“The Evolutionary Studies Consortium” http://evostudies.org/

“Geneology of Religion” http://genealogyreligion.net/

“Anthropogenesis” http://anthropogenesis.kinshipstudies.org/

“The Human Family” http://consanguinityandaffinity.wordpress.com/

“John Hawks’ weblog” http://johnhawks.net/weblog/hawks/about.html

“Ecological Sociology” http://ecologicalsociology.blogspot.com/

“The Evolution Institute” http://evolution-institute.org/


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